Meet Our Founders

By Metta Niham - 02 November 2020
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Frameholic is known as the first online custom framing company in Indonesia that makes framing easy, convenient and hassle-free. However, not many people know the story on how Frameholic was established in the first place. Today, we will bring you to meet our founders, Nikolas Quaasalmy and Reynard Lukito, as they share their story on why they built Frameholic and their hope for the business in the future. 



  • Hi, guys. So good to have you both here. Could you please briefly introduce yourself to our readers? 


N : Hi, I’m Niko. My background is finance & economics. Naturally my professional experience begins in banking. Between stints at Bank of Montreal in Toronto and PermataBank in Jakarta, I was in the banking industry for a total of 5 years. Then I joined a tech startup for another 2 years prior to managing Frameholic on a full time basis.

R : Hi, my name is Rey. I have a background in architecture and design, and I have experienced working in interior construction for the past 10 years



  • What got you to be interested in frames? 


N: I have always been keen on architecture and decorations, and frames are an integral part of that. When I bring back unique items from my travels, I always try to get them framed upon returning home. If it means something to you, then it should be framed and displayed, rather than hidden away in a cupboard. Also, once displayed on a wall, they are much easier and more enjoyable to appreciate as they are directly in your line of sight.  

R: my father is an art collector, so I remember him always looking for the right frame for his painting-which was apparently not easy to find since back in the days. My father always chose to custom-made  his own frame models so it would look different from many of the frames in the industry. 



  • Tell us the story on what inspired you to create Frameholic, and how you established this online framing service.


N: From my experience, getting things framed was always a sore point. The framers in Indonesia are not keeping up with the times, which led to outdated frame collections, lengthy turnaround times, and overall poor shopping experience. Ultimately, Rey and I believe we can deliver a better solution for the market with

R: Both me and Niko came up with the idea of an online frame store, we never met before but somehow have the same vision in what we want from an online frame store. We wanted to create a solution for custom framing that is ready for the up and coming DIY generation of Young Indonesians. 



  • What makes Frameholic different from other framing places, and how can people benefit from the service?


N : We deliver a better shopping experience in three important areas: Convenience, Speed & Price. Our services are available 24/7 through our website and you can build a custom frame in minutes. Traditional framers are only open 9-5, which is inconvenient because that is also the time when you are most likely at work. Our frames will arrive to your doorstep within 3 - 5 business days, which unlike 1-2 weeks required by traditional framers. We also deliver higher value compared to traditional framers because our prices are lower, and our materials are more premium.

R : We are very different from the way we selected our mouldings, the way we assemble our frames, our materials specification is also different from other frame shops. The way you order and create your own custom frame is also different, you will get to see and visualize what you are framing and be able to choose what frames you like that fits you. 



  • What’s your hope and wishes for Frameholic in the near future?


N: To spread the joy of framing and decorating to a wider audience, and continue to deliver above customers’ expectations

R : we hope to grow with the community and hope to always push the envelope of creativity by guiding our customers through our platform to create beautiful frames for their home. 

Thank you for reading this short interview with our Founders. We hope that you get to know us a little better through our Founders' personal sharings. We look forward to take you along our journey through this platform by and share more about our projects, frames and artworks. In the meantime, stay inspired, and keep framing! :)