Your Guide To Framed Art For Small Spaces

By Frameholic - 17 January 2020
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Less Is More

When it comes to decorating, spatial efficiency is not only limited to your walking space but should also include your walls. This requires some thought since with too much art on your walls, your home can actually look smaller than it actually is. It's crucial to strike a visual balance of art versus empty wall space so your home looks more cozy than cluttered. Here are a few art hanging tips and tricks to maximize your decor even in a small space.

1. Keep It Simple

Framing is our passion, but not every wall needs to be filled to the brim with a gallery of frames. Nothing overwhelms a room quite like too many patterns, colors, or images. In this case less is more, so pick a uniform color scheme and style to stick with.

Think of your walls like the pages in a book, each paragraph is separated with spacing to offer the reader some breathing room and the same should apply to your interiors. For some art enthusiasts, downsizing can seem like creative cramping, but it's the kind of simplicity that could lead to a bigger and cleaner home.

Pro tip: The less pieces of art on your walls, the more each will get their own spotlight and undivided attention.

2. Keep It Up

Smaller wall spaces, like the one between your door and a corner of your room, is the perfect blank canvas for hanging framed art. You can visually expand your space by stacking a series of smaller artwork vertically towards the ceiling, but not to the point where it's tough to hang or can strain your neck. Or create a vertical collage picture frame using your own photos, and design it specifically to fit in the space.

Don't be afraid to combine frames (or art) of various sizes into the mix. They'll look organized as long as they are centered together as a column. This is a great option when you want to add personality to a home with very limited space.

3. Keep It Creative

If you find that even your walls are too small to accommodate your frames, then it's time to get creative with your personal art gallery. Sometimes all it takes is some tweaking and rule breaking to find a happy balance.

Instead of hanging frames, take a less conventional approach and lean some art against a wall, on a desk, bookshelf or even your floor. Bonus points for one-of-a-kind locations like your piano. Just lean them back, relax, and enjoy your space. As an added benefit this saves you the trouble of hammering holes in your walls.

4. Keep It Large

Oversize your art to make a big statement in a small space. Installing one large wall decor item makes it the focal point of a room, giving the perception of a larger space without cutting into the living area. Framing oversizes pieces has become a specialty of ours, and we are here to help if you have anything over 36" to custom frame.

On another note, a gallery wall doesn’t always have to be confined to one wall -- don’t be afraid to take up a section of two joining walls with multiple frames. This provides enough negative space on both walls of the room and can make your home feel bigger and more open.

Pro tip: If large works of art don't suit your budget, use thinner frames with larger mats to exaggerate the size of small artwork.

For those of us who call a studio or apartment "home", every inch of space is a premium, but this doesn't mean you should be discouraged. Go ahead and embellish your walls using some of these tips. Not only does art reflect your style, it can also entertain, tell a story, insight new ideas, and give the perception of something bigger, even in a small area.